Lava Marshmellows

Nothing tastes quite like a volcano roasted over an active volcanic vent.

On Thursday Alex and I visited the Pacaya Volcano, which is one of the three active volcanoes in Guatemala. It’s about an hour-long climb, maybe 500 meters up, and actually pretty difficult. The combination of the altitude (we ended around 2,500 meters), the steepness of the incline, and the pace set by our guide was taxing.

But hey! Volcanoes are cool! I took a bunch of rocks (this part was on purpose), and a bunch of ashy dust in my shoes and my lungs (this part was less on purpose). I burnt my fingers picking up a rock that had been in the vent but I didn’t get even a little bit sunburnt, so there’s some give and take in this system.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a pretty nasty cold for the past few days. Usually physical activity makes me feel better, but inhaling a bunch of ash actually, surprisingly, worsened my cold. I think the mucus and the ash mixed together to form some kind of paste that’s clogging up my breathing parts, but c’est la vie!

Alex heads back to the states today. When asked about his thoughts on heading back to homes, he said, “don’t wanna.” Guatemala seems to have a knack for making people not want to go home.

We cute

T minus one month ’til I’m back home. Personally, I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed again, and also breathe air that doesn’t have volcano bits floating around in it.



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